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Same Day Expedited Passport Services In NYC:
A1 Passport & Visa Services

Experience Expedited Passport Services with A1 Passport Office in New York City

Don’t fret about your travels since A1 is here to guide you! A1 Passport & Visa Services is a leading Passport & Visa services company in NYC specializing in expedited travel visas, eVisas, same-day US passports and expedited passports. We have the resources to help you with your travel documentation requirements and speed up things. Our proximity to numerous consulates and passport agency in New York City allows us to ensure you get your documents handed in on time so that you can have a timely and stress-free travel.
Same-day passport renewal services

No matter what country passport you hold, A1 Passport & Visas are here to facilitate and expedite your travel visa or eVisa process. Our comprehensive travel visa services cover all 193 countries worldwide. Additionally, A1 Passport & Visa Services offers efficient solutions for obtaining a new passport or renewing your existing one in as little as 24 hours! Feel free to explore our Passport Services to discover the full range of options available.”

Whatever your needs, A1 always has expedited travel solutions that always work.

We will ensure your US citizenship application is completed to the highest standard, minimizing the chances of refusal. You are on your way to holding the world’s third most powerful passport. US Passport is ranked the world’s third most powerful passport. A1’ Passport Services will help you to expedite getting your New Passport or renewing your passport in as little as one day! Explore our Passport Services to see what we offer!

We are here to say goodbye to stressful travel! Being stuck at immigration check-ins isn’t the best way to go. At A1 Visas, we not only assist with your Visas and Passport but also assist you in applying for a US Global Entry program, which will help you swiftly navigate US airports with zero hassle and minimum red tape.

Whatever your needs, A1 always has expedited travel solutions that always work.

expedited passport agency - A1 Passport & Visa Services

Our Services: Compelling Passport Work at
A1 Office Ensuring Swift Travel


Unlock your gateway to the globe. A passport doesn’t only swing open the doors to nearly 170 countries—it’s an invitation to experience, learn from, and revisit the world. At our New York Passport Agency, we’re experts in swiftly expediting US, UK, and India passports. With our efficient A1 Passport Service NYC, we have the capacity to fast-track your passport renewal in just a day!

Travel Visas

Got plans for international travel? Make sure you’re not caught off guard by visa requirements. Say goodbye to last-minute visa frustrations by using our expedited travel visa services. We can swiftly secure your travel visas to over 100+ countries.


eVisa applications are a breeze at our office. With our prompt and meticulous handling, getting your eVisa is more efficient and simpler than a traditional visa application. We rigorously verify that your application ticks off all the requirements, leaving no room for errors and rejections. Discover how user-friendly our eVisa services is, here at our Passports Services Office.

Passport Photos

Why face the hustle and queueing at a photo studio when you can get your passport photos right on your smartphone? Our convenient passport photo service seamlessly converts your smartphone selfies into compliant passport photos. Saving you time and helping you look your best on your travel documents!

Why Choose A1 Passport & Visa Services?

Trusted Office for your Passport
Needs in New York

With over a decade of experience in expedited travel visas and passport services,
we can help process any travel requests.

As a top-notch Travel Visa Agency, we’re dedicated to providing superior travel services that’ll address your unique travel needs. We take pleasure when we’re able to provide you with top-notch service resulting in a stress-free travel experience regardless of whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

The pillars of our success are:


With us, you're guaranteed error-free and high-quality documentation – yes, that means a relaxed you!


Travel doesn't have to be stressful. With A1, all your travel needs are handled meticulously, eliminating the need to worry.


If a problem arises regarding your passport, A1 Passport Service NYC is more than equipped to handle it. Leveraging our years of experience in the industry, we'll help you resolve passport, and visa issues swiftly and efficiently.


Our established relationships with Passport agencies, Consulates, and Embassies distinguish us, ensuring that any document from us receives expedited attention. As a trusted and reputable name, we guarantee a streamlined, worry-free travel experience, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind for your journey.

Expedited Passport Renewal
Having a last-minute trip coming up? No problem! Our experts can get you ready to go in no time. Call us today!

Looking to expedite your US Passport Renewal? Call Us Now!

Need a consultation? Call us today: +1-212-810-4309 or Email us: info@a1visas.com

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Check our passport services office's stellar reviews on Google for unparalleled service; we've earned your trust.

Travel to Top Destinations with
A1 Passport and Visa Services

Travel to top destinations effortlessly with A1’s comprehensive passport and visa services, assuring seamless travel experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Answers About Passports, Visas and Appointments
at Our Office

Find frequently asked questions, and answers about our office’s passports, visas, and appointments at our office.

You cannot walk-in into the New York passport agency without an appointment. You need to make an appointment before you go to the passport agency.

A1 Visas are one of the fastest-growing, reputable, and reliable expedited passport & visa services company in the US. We value your time and ensure to offer you dedicated services tailored specifically to you. Call us now for all your passport needs.

NYC Passport agency does not accept walk-ins. Please make an appointment online before you plan your visit to the New York Passport agency. Given the long wait times for an appointment, it is best to use our Passport services which will save you time. We can help with your US Passport renewal in as little as one day. Let’s expedite your passport in New York.

We offer same-day, 3 business days, 3 to 5 business days, and 1 to 2 weeks of service. Our price varies depending on the service you choose. Please call or email us for pricing.

Yes, we are your one-stop shop. We take your passport photos and complete your forms at our office.

The processing time to get your visa depends on what country visa you are applying for. Please visit our “Quick Check Visa Tool” to know more. Please call our office to speak to an agent to learn more about passport processing times.

Get your passport approved in 4 simple steps.

  • Choose your service, and place an order online.
  • Log in to the A1 client portal to pay and complete your personalized passport questionnaire.
  • View and upload the customized checklist documents, and drop-off in person or FedEx your original documents to our office if needed.
  • We will submit your application to the passport agency; once approved, we will FedEx the passport to the mailing address on file. You are ready to travel.

A1 Visas can help with your US Passport Renewal in as little as one day. Please contact our office for more information and visit our Passports page to submit your order online.

It’s possible to get the visa same-day for some countries. However, the processing times vary depending on the visa category you want to apply for and also for country to country.