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Travel Visa and eVisa processing times differ from country to country. Please use our “Quick Check Visa Tool” to see the processing times for your destination country/ We can help with your US Passport Renewal in as little as one day! For more information, please visit our Passport section.

To check your order status, please log in to the “A1 Visa client portal” with your registered email address and password, and you can check the current order status and order history.

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For your convenience, A1 Visas offers two different packages, Standard and Premium. An agent is assigned to you from the start to the end of your order if you choose the premium package.

A1 Passport Visa Services is a private company not affiliated with the government. The service fees are the charges to expedite your visa and passport.

A1 Visas cannot guarantee that a visa will be issued by the embassy or consulate to which you have submitted your application. If your visa is not approved, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

We strongly recommend using FedEx, UPS, or other traceable delivery methods. Alternatively, you can submit your documents in-person at our NYC office.

A visa is an official travel document that allows you to enter a foreign country and leave or stay in a country for a specific period. The most common visa types are tourist, student, work, and transit visas.

A visa is either a stamp or a sticker glued into your passport. Your visa sticker usually includes your name, passport number, place of birth, type of visa, number of entries, and visa validity. A stamped visa only has the destination, visa validity, and start date of the visa.

You will need a visa when the foreign country you intend to travel to does not have a visa policy agreement with your home country. It is a travel authorization required to travel to a foreign country.

Apply for a travel visa with A1 is an easy 4-step process:

  • Use our “Quick Check Visa Tool,” choose your type of visa, and place an order online.
  • Log in to the A1 client portal to pay and complete your personalized visa questionnaire.
  • View and upload the customized checklist documents, and FedEx your passport to our office.
  • We will hand-carry your application to the consulate; once approved, we will FedEx your visa to the address on file. You are ready to travel.

To apply for a travel visa, you will need a valid passport. The visa sticker or the visa stamp carries your passport number, which identifies that you are the rightful owner of the visa.

Each country has a different processing time for various visas. Use our “Quick Check Visa Tool” to learn more.

Transit requirements vary from country to country. Many countries do not require a visa if you are in transit; however, visit our Travel Visas section to see if you need a transit visa to your destination country.

Most country visa applications are approved or denied without an interview. Some country consulates require the applicant to submit their application in person to verify the applicant’s identity and to conduct a formal interview. Please note A1 Visas will not be able to assist you in submitting your visa application to the consulates that require the applicant to be present in person. However, A1 Visas can help you complete the application form and gather all the supporting documents to ensure we leave no room for visa denial.

Some countries require you to submit proof of vaccination to get a visa. Our travel specialist will guide you with the requirements if needed.

You need to have a valid passport to apply for a visa. Most countries require the passport to be valid for six months or 180 days from the start of the travel date. Talk to our travel specialist about the passport validity requirements.

Visa requirements vary from country to country. A1 Visas travel specialist will understand your purpose of travel and assist you by providing a customized checklist of documents you need to support your application, ensuring you have a successful application.

An eVisa is an official document issued digitally by the foreign country you intend to travel to and is linked to your passport number.

It is advisable to apply at least 48 hours before your travel date.

Apply for an eVisa with A1 is an easy 4-step process:

  • Use the “Quick Check Visa Tool” to select your country, choose the visa type, place an order online, and make a payment.
  • Log in to the secure A1 client portal to complete your personalized visa questionnaire.
  • View and upload the customized checklist documents on the A1 client portal.
  • Once approved, the eVisa will be mailed to the email address on file!

The processing time varies from country to country and the type of eVisa you are applying for. Each country has its own processing time for approval of the eVisa. Some countries approve in a few hours, and for others, it might take more than 24 hours.

Although it’s not necessary, it is highly advisable to print the eVisa on plain blank white paper and carry it with you at all times during your stay.

If your eVisa is damaged, you can reprint the eVisa emailed to the email address on file or log in to your A1 client portal to access the eVisa copy.

Yes, you need a valid passport to apply for an eVisa. Typically your passport needs to be valid for six months from the start of your travel date. Please check with our travel specialists to ensure the correct requirement.

The eVisa is a digitally issued visa. It does need any blank pages in your passport.

eVisas are usually valid for 30 days. But, the validity varies from country to country and the type of eVisa you are applying for. Use our “Quick Check Visa Tool” to learn about eVisa validity.

In normal circumstances, you cannot extend an eVisa.But check with the consulate/embassy of the country you are traveling to.

A passport is an official travel document issued by one’s country to verify the holder's identity and nationality for international travel.

An adult passport ( 16 years and older) is valid for 10 years, and a child passport is valid for 5 years (newborn to 15 years old).

Yes. A newborn needs a passport to travel internationally.

Yes. Explore our Passport photo services page to order your passport photos.

Yes. With proper documentation, we can assist you with changing the name on the passport. Please select Passport Name Change service above.

There is no age requirement to apply for a passport. Even a newborn can apply for a passport.

We can help expedite the passport in little as one day. But every passport service type has different processing times. Please check with our travel specialist for more information on processing times.

A passport card is an alternative to the state-issued id that you can use in place of a passport at land and sea entry points in the United States. However, you cannot travel internationally on a Passport Card. To apply, select Passport Card services.

As of January 2016, you can no longer add extra blank pages to the passport. You must renew your passport if you have no more blank pages in the passport.

You can log on to your A1 client portal to check the status of your expedited passport renewal or call us to get the status of your order.

Yes, when you submit your application for passport renewal, you are also asked to submit the old passport. The old passport is returned but has no validity. our passport number changes every time you renew your passport.

No. You do not need to update your passport. The biodata pages only include your name, passport number, nationality, date and place of birth, sex, and the passport’s date of issue and date of expiry. There is no address mentioned on your passport.

Yes! You can now apply for First British Passport from the US. The processing time will be slightly longer.

With the constant changes to the passport rules, it is best to call our travel specialist for more information.

You must submit your old and current British passport for passport renewal.

When traveling internationally, your passport must be valid for 6 months from the start date of your trip. It is a good idea to renew your passport if it has less than 6 months' validity.

Typically it takes 3 to 4 weeks for British passport renewal in the US.

Renewing your British passport using A1 Visas is a simple 4-step process.

  • Choose your service, and place an order online.
  • Log in to the A1 client portal to pay and complete your personalized passport questionnaire.
  • View and upload the customized checklist documents, and drop-off in person or FedEx your original documents to our office if needed.
  • We will submit your application to the passport agency; once approved, the passport agency will directly mail it to your mailing address on file. You are ready to travel.

Yes. Unlike the previous years, you can now renew your British Passport in the US without the need to travel to the home country.

The first step is to report your lost British passport to your local police. We can file for the lost British Passport upon obtaining the report's copy. To apply, select Lost/Damaged British passport service.

It will take around 4 - 6 weeks to replace a lost British Passport.

You can submit any/all form the list below as the proof of Indian address.

  • Copy of your voter ID
  • Copy of Ration Card, which has the names of applicant and parents
  • Copy of Photo Passbook
  • Copy of Parent’s Passport Copy as their name is on the applicant’s passport.

You may submit your parents or close relatives’ proof of address.

Yes, when renewing your Indian Passport in a foreign country, it is vital to prove that you have a valid visa status to reside there.

You can renew your expired Indian passport under the Tatkal Scheme for an additional cost.

The processing time for a passport under the Tatkal scheme is 3 -5 business days. But it can take longer if there is any discrepancy in the application.

The first step is to report your lost Indian Passport to the local police where you live. Upon obtaining the report’s copy, you can apply for “Passport Re-Issue.” To apply, select “Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport.”

The valid visas in your expired passport are not canceled during the renewal process. These visas are still valid until their visa expiry date. When you travel, you must carry both your old expired passport with a valid visa and the newly renewed passport.

For adults (15 years & above), the passport is valid for 10 years. For minors (newborn to 14 years), the passport is valid for 5 years.

It is always recommended to have a valid Indian Passport during your stay in the US. To apply, select India Passport Renewal.

To travel internationally, you will need a valid passport. The passport must be valid for 6 months from the start of your trip.

You can wear lenses if they do not cover any distinguishing marks. They need to be clear-colored lenses.

No, glasses are not allowed in a US passport photo - neither are prescription glasses or sunglasses unless you have a medical reason that forbids your taking the glasses off. In such a case, a statement by your physician is required.

Sit up or stand up straight, do not hold your head up high, look directly at the camera, and do not blink and shoulders down and back.

Since a passport is official, consider dressing up for the photo. We recommend smart- casual clothing. Extravagant outfits or uniforms might cause a photo rejection. Religious clothing, however, is allowed, so if your beliefs require a specific outfit, there shouldn't be any problem.

Our experienced team at A1 Visas will help you determine your photo needs for processing your application.

We can surely ship your passport photos for an additional cost.

Yes, you can use an already saved photo. Our experts can convert your saved photo to an acceptable passport photo.

Yes, you can print the photos at home. Be sure to print your passport photos on thin, photo-quality paper.

You can always print off the email we sent or log in to the A1 Client portal to retrieve your photos.

Once the order is placed, it takes us less than 15 minutes to process your photos, email you a digital copy, or send them to your nearest Walgreens for pickup.