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Don’t waste time, exertion, or money. You may take photos without exiting your home.

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Placing an order is so simple. You can submit any photo from your photos saved on your phone to convert into a passport photo.

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Over one million individuals utilized our services within the former 15+ years. Our photo experts are accessible 24/7.

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Take as many photos as you desire - you pay only when content.

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Take a pic of you

That's the only thing you have to do. Snap or upload a photo - we'll take concern of the rest.

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AI will do its work

Specialized AI will check your photo, for the right dimension's and remove the background (If needed).

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Expert Verification

Our Photo Expert will make extra verification to verify if your photo meets the official requirements.

Digital passport photo with guaranteed acceptance

Download / Print

You may download a digital copy, or we’ll forward your photo to the nearest Walgreens Photo center closest to you, which will be ready to be picked up in less than an hour.

How to take a photo?

Taking a photo for your ID has never been so simple.
Succeed these uncomplicated instruction to take the excellent ID photo.

Distance from the camera - digital photo service - A1 Passport & Visa services, New York
Distance from the camera

Take the photo from a distance or about 20 inches from your face. We strongly recommend a second person take the photo, but we can also handle a selfie.

Face in front of the camera - digital photo service - A1 Passport & Visa services, New York
Face in front of the camera

Place your face in front of the lens and keep a neutral expression. Hold the camera at face height.

Uniform Lighting - digital photo service - A1 Passport & Visa services, New York
Uniform Lighting

Just stand facing a light source, such as an exposed window. Don’t worry about the background.

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Passport Photos

Why face the hustle and queueing at a photo studio when you can get your passport photos right on your smartphone? Our convenient passport photo service seamlessly converts your smartphone selfies into compliant passport photos. Saving you time and helping you look your best on your travel documents!

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FAQs About Passport Photo Services

Once the order is placed, it takes us less than 15 minutes to process your photos, email you a digital copy, or send them to your nearest Walgreens for pickup.
You can always print off the email we sent or log in to the A1 Client portal to retrieve your photos.
Yes, you can print the photos at home. Be sure to print your passport photos on thin, photo-quality paper.
Yes, you can use an already saved photo. Our experts can convert your saved photo to an acceptable passport photo.
We can surely ship your passport photos for an additional cost.

Our passport photo services ensure compliance with all official requirements for passport photos, including dimensions, background, and attire.

To streamline your experience, we offer the option to schedule an appointment for passport photo services at our convenient New York location.

Absolutely, our knowledgeable staff is available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding passport picture guidelines and requirements.

Our experienced team at A1 Visas will help you determine your photo needs for processing your application.
Since a passport is official, consider dressing up for the photo. We recommend smart- casual clothing. Extravagant outfits or uniforms might cause a photo rejection. Religious clothing, however, is allowed, so if your beliefs require a specific outfit, there shouldn’t be any problem.
Sit up or stand up straight, do not hold your head up high, look directly at the camera, and do not blink and shoulders down and back.
No, glasses are not allowed in a US passport photo – neither are prescription glasses or sunglasses unless you have a medical reason that forbids your taking the glasses off. In such a case, a statement by your physician is required.
You can wear lenses if they do not cover any distinguishing marks. They need to be clear-colored lenses.

In addition to passport photo printing, we provide a comprehensive range of passport and visa services to cater to all your travel documentation needs.

We pride ourselves on our efficient service and strive to provide prompt turnaround times for passport photo printing, ensuring that you receive your photos in a timely manner.