Premium Service and Standard Service

Are you traveling for Business, Work, Study, Pleasure, or Visiting Family or Friends? No matter what you choose, A1 will stand by your side for a stress-free travel experience!

At A1, we value time. Yours and ours too. Time saved is time earned. So, we ease the process of acquiring your visa. Choose either of our highly customized packages for a quick turnaround time!


Well-informed and a dedicated team just for you

A dedicated team member will call you to discuss your case, explain the entire visa process, and answer all questions. Where applicable, we will discuss your past immigration and any criminal history to determine if there will be any potential consequences to your application

Identify the correct visa category and provide guidance

We will determine the correct visa category for you and assess whether you meet the basic requirements per the visa policy guidance.

Fill out your Visa application to eliminate chances of rejection and schedule a biometrics appointment (where applicable)

We will complete the visa application form on your behalf; this ensures the Govt. authorities accept your visa application successfully the very first time, thereby minimizing any chances of rejections and re-submissions. This step could be a costly and time-consuming affair if not done right.

We will also schedule a biometrics appointment for you, where applicable.

Access to customized document checklist, sample templates & supporting documents

Provide you with a customized document checklist, sample templates of supporting documents where required, and detailed instructions that must be followed at every step of the process.

Fine-comb your documents to eliminate rejections

We will pre-check and review your documents to minimize any potential rejections or delays

Passport Photo

Digital Photo service (where applicable).

Priority Submission

Priority submission of your application package at the Consulate/Embassy/Govt. Authorities.

Ensure the accuracy of approved Visa and share a scanned copy of the approved Visa

Once your visa is approved, we will check for its correctness and provide you with a scanned copy.

Real-time process updates

Real-time visa updates and tracking are sent to your email at every stage of the process.

Express Shipping

Outbound FedEx delivery service (Monday through Friday, where applicable).

All-inclusive Costs

No hidden costs, one flat service fee until your visa is delivered.