Are you planning a last-minute trip, and is your passport expired? Getting your passport renewed on time is no more a problem with A1’s Same-Day Passport service. We can get you ready to go in no time. We at A1 Visas are partnered with the passport agency to help expedite the US passports with a quick turnaround. Our Expedited passport renewal service can deliver in as little as one day! With our expedited passport services, you’ll always be ready to say “Oui” to the world of possibilities.

Our clients love our style, especially for our relentless end-to-end coordination and step-by-step guidance for leaving no details for the paperwork and routing to an easy, convenient, and fast application process. Contact our desk to learn more about our 4-step easy process, and let us handle the ordeal for you. Please select one of our many quick expedited passport services below to get started.

Advantages of using our Santa Fe passport services:

  • Our skilled US Passport Consultants are available to assist you 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • With our detailed checklists and personalized service, we reduce the complexity of the passport application process, guiding you at every step.
  • We offer expedited Passport Services in the Santa Fe, NM, securing passports in as fast as 24 hours.

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                                                    Yes, you can use an already saved photo. Our experts can convert your saved photo to an acceptable passport photo.

                                                    Yes, you can print the photos at home. Be sure to print your passport photos on thin, photo-quality paper.

                                                    You can always print off the email we sent or log in to the A1 Client portal to retrieve your photos.

                                                    To learn more about our process or use our document authentication services, or if you have other questions, email us now.

                                                    An Apostille is an international certification accepted by the countries participating in The Hague Treaty. Consular/Embassy legalization of documents is required for documents used in countries not part of the Hague Convention.

                                                    Notarizing a document adds an extra layer of security by requiring a witness to verify the signer's identity. A witness is a government-authorized person known as a notary public who attests that the signer is not signing under duress and that they are aware of the contents of the document they are signing.

                                                    Few example of documents that require legalization are:

                                                    • State generated documents
                                                    • Power of attorney
                                                    • Bylaws
                                                    • Birth, Death certifcates
                                                    • United States Patent & Trademark documents
                                                    • Good standing certificates
                                                    • Certified charter documents

                                                    Common documents that need authentication are:

                                                    • Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates
                                                    • Background checks
                                                    • Educational documents/ certificates
                                                    • Incorporation certificates for corporations
                                                    • Personal or Corporate legal documents

                                                    On average, it takes about 18 to 24 months to complete the naturalization process and to become a U.S. citizen.

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